Tuesday, July 19, 2005

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In today's news:

HP is going to lay off 14,500 people....

Members of the Northwestern University Women's Lacrosse Team wore flip flops to the White House...

And in Green River, Wyoming, someone placed an ad in the Green River Star looking to buy mineral, oil, and other gas interests....

Meanwhile, in D.C. land, W is preparing to announce his nominee for the Supreme Court in what some pundits are calling an effort to divert attention from his addle patted advisor, Karl Rove.

Blog blog blog....


I keep trying to find the gems in D.C., but they've become so rare it's nigh unto impossible. Although, I will say that the shops on 14th Street NW are a treat. Go Mama Go!, Home Rule, Pulp, and the Garden District have all been nice additions to what was once a "not nice" neighborhood. Add to that the arrival of the Thai restaurant Rice, as well as Coppi's, Cake Love, Hamburger Mary's, and Whole Foods, and the entire Logan Circle/14th Street/U Street Corridor have become places worth going to.

Recommendations for some of these:

Go Mama Go! is great for gifts for friends and family. Nice dishes, lamps, and art, as well as knick knacks made from recycled content material.

Home Rule is the best place to go for the latest in kitchen, bath, and office accessories. The window display changes with the seasons and holidays and is a lot of fun.

Pulp is a fun stationary/gift shop started by a guy named Ron who moved here from San Francisco and wanted to create a space reminiscient of some of the great shops in the Castro. He's succeeded beautifully, and his staff is warm and friendly to boot!

Rice is the latest in Thai restaurants and actually one of the best ones I've found in the D.C. area so far. The dishes are traditional, but innovative and the most delictable part of each meal is the rice itself, which is infused with the flavors and fragrances of different flowers.

Coppi's is great for dessert. Order the Nutella Calzone. The rest of their menu is good, too, and the motif is bike racing. The atmosphere is friendly and has a neighborhood flare, but the noise level can be a bit prohibitive if you're looking to have a nice conversation with friends.

Cake Love. Its pastries are a bit overrated, but the story behind how it came to be is cool and leaves you feeling like dreams really can come true.

Hamburger Mary's is a great place for a burger and a sense of community. It's sort of an extension of Dupont Circle, but isn't in the Circle or on 17th Street. You'll find it in an old converted garage on 14th Street at Rhode Island.

Blog blog blog....

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