Tuesday, July 12, 2005


So, here are my random, inane thoughts for the day:

  • Why do toilet seats in office buildings have that little notch cut out of the front of them?
  • Why do some people insist on getting off at the front of the bus rather than the back of the bus?
  • How come no one has figured out how to make a parking meter that doesn't jam or malfunction?

Some context might be helpful. I think I'll skip the first inane thought, though, because I don't want this blog to digress into toilet humor. Suffice it to say, I wonder this everytime I avail myself of the facilities in my office building or in a restaurant. What purpose does it serve and why can't they just use the same completely round seats that are commonly found in the comfort of our residential commodes?

As for the second inane thought, it's just that: inane. Besides, I'm an offender myself and often get off at the front of the bus because I'm too darn lazy to walk a few extra yards from the point at the middle or back of the bus where I've disembarked to the point at the intersection where I need to cross the street. The front of the bus is closer to the intersection and I'm bein' lazy, plain and simple.

Finally, the third thought, comes from my experience this morning of deciding to drive to work and park on the street outside my office building rather than pay $16 to park in the garage. Of course, I'm probably going to end up with a $25 ticket from the D.C. Meter Brigade, despite the note I've left on the meter stating that it's eating my quarters, but failing to acknowledge my deposit with requisite time. So why hasn't someone invented a parking meter that will take my debit card and spit out a receipt with a date and time stamp? Or what about a meter that uses technology like Metro's SmartTrip card or E-Z-Pass? In the meantime, I'm going downstairs every couple of hours to feed the monster.

Ba-de-ba-de-ba-de... That's all folks!


janeannechovy said...

They have smart parking meters here in Portland (which of course should come as no shock). You can pay with change or debit/credit card, and it prints out a receipt and a sticker showing expiry time you place in a curbside window of your car. There's one per block, and they're even solar-powered!

MWR said...

I'm afraid the answer to the first question reflects rather badly on some subset of half the population. Why the seats are in women's rooms must have to do with economies of scale and the efficiency of not having to order two styles.