Friday, July 22, 2005

I've Become a Birk Wearer

I recently acquired a pair of Birkenstock's and now I'm ruined for shoes. I never realized how great open toed shoes could be in the hot, humid, sweltering summers of the Atlantic Seaboard until I buckled and got these.

Now, when I get dressed in the morning for work, I try to find excuses or fashion combos that will allow me to wear these non-standard-D.C.-foot coverings. So far, I've only succeeded on casual Fridays. Although, last week, I did manage to "go German" and wear my Birkies with black socks, dress pants, and a shirt. Since the banding on the Birks is black, too, it blended quite nicely. Only embarrassment: a friend was in town on business and dropped by that day for lunch. She was here from California, though, and it didn't faze her a bit.

Speaking of California, when I lived there, I swore I would never own Birks. And now, here I am waxing effusive about them. Go figure. My friends in CA would pay real money to see this, I'm tellin' ya!

Anyway--have a blissful weekend. (And I hope wherever you are/were, dear reader, it was cool and comfortable.)


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