Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Some of My Favorite Blogs, So Far...

I'm pretty new to the World of Blog (WOB), but I have to say I've found a few blogs here and there that I enjoy. Here's my humble list of favorite blogs:

I'll start off with three of my sheroes: Adriana, Diana, and Julie.

Adriana's blog is "What I Made For Dinner" and features all kinds of culinary goodies she makes that leave me salivating every morning.

Diana's blog is "Swiss Account" and is meant to let her friends and family know how Diana, and her really cool partner, Scott, and their cadre of pets are faring in the Alps of Switzerland. I read it when I miss Di and her witty repartee.

My friend Julie is one of the smartest scholars in Biblical studies I know. (When she and I met at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, California, in 1995, we were both momentarily disappointed to find out we weren't going to be the unique lone Mormon woman scholar at the GTU. In the end, though, it was an honor I think we were both happy to share!) And her perspective on motherhood--especially as a convert to Mormonism--is hilarious. She's also one of the most prolific readers I know. Her blog, "Out of the Best of Books" provides readers with a review on the latest books she's read.

Beyond these three, occasionally I also meander around the 'net to these blogs:
  • Noshteria (More cooking and salivating.)
  • Don't Trust Snakes (I don't read it very often because the entries can be long. Mostly, I like the name of the blog.)
  • The Lunchbox Assassin (A blog by some chick in San Francisco. It's not the most sophisticated or well written, but it reminds me of the quirkiness that is Baghdad-by-the-Bay, the Barbary Coast, the place I love and long for most that leaves me wondering, "What the F*** Was I Thinking, Moving to D.C. from San Francisco?!?!")

It's a short list, but I enjoy these few.

Update on Yesterday's Blog

Only one submission received in the "Shower Moments" contest so far. (And the one I've received is pretty insightful and in strong contention to win, so come on people--show us what you've got in those noodles of yours.)

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