Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Famous People in D.C.

So, the Prince of Wales and his consort, the Duchess of Cornwall, may be the most famous people in D.C. this week, but I'd like to highlight the Vice President of Development at the National Building Museum, Shar Taylor, who was mentioned in this morning's Washington Post for her preparations at the museum for today's visit by the royals.

I met Shar this spring, through my friends Lane Twitchell and Adriana Velez, at Lane's art opening in New York. If you've been following the blog, the Russian Chronicles, in the Post, as well, Shar is Lisa Dickey's partner. (Or Lisa Dickey is Shar Taylor's partner. Whichever you prefer, in the interest of egalitarianism.)

According to this article in the Post:

Others are focused on the whens and ifs, though. Shar Taylor, vice president of development at the building museum, said she learned five weeks ago that the royal couple would visit the institution. "At that point, we had to start running," she said, seated at her desk, which was cluttered with guest lists and a diagram of the museum's main floor.

The logistical challenges are daunting, she said, particularly when it comes to ensuring that 1,200 invited guests make it through a gantlet of security, that they register and that they take their seats -- all within 60 minutes.

Taylor's tasks have also included sending e-mails to 80 VIP guests advising them to greet the prince and duchess as "your royal highness." If the conversation goes beyond that, she recommended that guests refer to Charles as "sir" and to Camilla as "ma'am."

Then there are the more mundane details, such as figuring out which restrooms the prince and duchess will use, if necessary -- a subject she was not all that eager to delve into.
"Maybe it's because I'm British," said Taylor, 38.

She was more willing to recall her mother's reaction when she told her that she was arranging the royal visit to the museum.

"She said, 'I'm just so proud of you,' and then burst into tears," Taylor recalled, her face momentarily breaking into a grin.


Congratulations, Shar!

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Adriana Velez said...

Wow, Shar's 15 minutes of fame!