Saturday, December 03, 2005

The Beauty of a Good Pet...

Sad story tonight.

My family has dachshunds--those adorable long little dogs with the short legs and confidence and gumption that puts dogs of equal size to shame.

For the past 10 years, we've had a wonderful little dachshund named Barkley who was just a classy little guy. Over the last several months, he's been fighting liver disease and tonight we had to put him to sleep. The vet we go to was extremely kind-hearted and gentle, but it's still pretty traumatic to have to put down a loved and loyal friend.

So, here's to Barkley. An elegant, classy dog who loved a leisurely nap in the sun, a good ripe tomato off the vine, a nice walk in the neighborhood, and who was a loyal pal. He's survived by my Mom, Dad, sister, brother, me, and an adorable dork sidekick dachshund, Toast. Tonight, Toast is wandering around the kitchen vainly searching for his little alpha-dog buddy and sadder than I've ever seen him. And we're brokenhearted and missing one of the best little dachshunds ever.

But, we know he's in good hands with our late maternal grandmother, Grandma June, and her late dachshunds, Hansy Guber and Liebchen and our other dachshund, Beemer, who also passed away 10 years ago on this very same night. Grandma loved her little doggies just as much as we loved ours and we hope they're all happy together in heaven.

Rest in Peace, Barkley.


Adriana Velez said...

Sad indeed! I love Dachshunds. If you are righteous, young lady, you will see him in the next life. Seriously, though, my condolences. Sounds like you lost a very dear family member.

Swizzies said...

God, this totally made me cry. I'm so not even going to tell Scott about it - he would be crushed. Our condolences on your loss of Barkley, it's so sad he's gone.