Sunday, July 16, 2006

Five Things

Five things I want to do in the next two years:

1. Visit Austria and Switzerland

2. See a space shuttle launch

3. Buy a kayak

4. Go to Hong Kong with my sister

5. Tour Alaska and British Columbia

Doesn't seem like much, I'm sure, but I figured, "What the heck." I'm in sort of a dreaming mood today.

What did you dream of today?


Adriana Velez said...

Spending the summer in a cold climate. 95 degrees -- are you kidding me? I'm not going to survive this week.

livesindc20009 said...

Good week to dream of alaska.

Sister Mary Lisa said...

Your #1 is also my #1, minus the Switzerland part. Of course I'd love to visit there too, but Austria is my love. I was an exchange student there when I was 18. Good times!