Monday, July 31, 2006

Highlights, Lowlights, and Texture

Had the best time in L.A. last week at my best friend's wedding. Here's a picture of the blissful bride, Mary Ellen, and the well-groomed groom, Michael Stevens. On the right is Mike's best man, his brother, Matt. The gent wearing the suit in 112.5 degree heat is Mark Muir, who officiated and married the lovely couple.

Highlights from the Trip

Getting my first pedicure, ever! As an added bonus, my pedi-mani gal also painted a butternut squash on my big toe. I wanted something iconic and since butternut squash and I have so much in common, it seemed a good choice.

Other highlights: visiting the flower market in L.A., eating at In-n-Out Burger FOUR times in eight days (that's right: FOUR times! The fourth time was one time too many. Next time, I'm stopping at three), meeting Emma (aka "The Magpie") and Isabella ("Bopps")--Lee Poulsen and Angela Campbell's adorable daughters, and, of course, Mary Ellen's beautiful wedding.

Emma, aka "The Magpie" and Isabella "Bopps"

Lowlights from the Trip

  • Witnessing an accident on the 210 West where two young ladies rolled their SUV right in front of us! That was exciting. Miraculously, they both walked away without a scratch, but they took out the exit sign and a road side call-box in the process.
  • The heatwave that innundated L.A. It was 112.5 degrees with 40% humidity on the day of the wedding. It was a like a wet t-shirt contest, but in suits and dresses instead. Needless to say, we were all hot and sweaty and... well, hot and sweaty.
  • But the lowest of the lowlights was the flight home. I ended up next to a guy who not only fell asleep on me, but who continually farted throughout the flight. Silent killers. Oh, it was AWFUL!

And Textures from the Trip

Ribbon in the craft store at the L.A. Flower Market.

Gerbera daisies---the friendliest flower around. A dozen were $3!

Lilies in a rainbow of colors to astonish the eye.

Rock and surf at Shell Beach, Pismo, California.

Pelican in flight.

Fresh raspberries. Yummy nummy!

Table grapes. (As opposed to raisin, wine, or champagne grapes.)

All photographs copyright 2006 Janet M. Kincaid


Miss Understood said...

Sounds like you had a great time! I don't think I could have stood that heat though, (or the farting!)
I loved the pictures...I have a bit of a passion for photography, so I could look at them all day. The rows of ribbons was my definitely have an eye for it.
Nice to see you back again :)

Holly said...

Glad you had fun! thanks for the photos. I agree with mu--the shot of the ribbons is my fave.

Mary Ellen said...

Hi J,

You beat me to it! Thanks for posting the photos & wedding and pedicure tales. And thank you for being part of our joyous wedding--despite the heat, the sweating, and the stealth farter! OMG, I would have started lighting matches, federal regulations be damned.

Besos, ME

Adriana Velez said...

I love that you're appropriating the butternut squash -- yeah, power to the Janet.