Monday, August 21, 2006

Photo Booths

In response to "Church of the Big Sky," here are my self-made "photo booth" pictures created with software provided by Apple called, well, what else? "Photo Booth."


Miss Understood said...

What a great idea! I love them all, but alas, not one of them would make it through the list of requirements for a passport photo!(lol)
It's getting completely ridiculous husband had 5 strips taken before they accepted one.

Glad to see you back :)

Merujo said...

Love it, Janet! Very very cool!!

Adriana Velez said...

Hey, you're making fishy face -- Jasper's favorite!

Now we can find out what we look like to our computer monitors.

Sister Mary Lisa said...

Janet Kincaid ~ I swear I know you from somewhere. Was it Austria? Did you serve an LDS mission to Austria by chance? I was there in 1990-91 as an exchange student (living in Deutsch Wagram), Gemeinde Wien 2.

You look so familiar....did you go to BYU? Ever have any dealings in Montana? Help! I swear I know you though.

Sister Mary Lisa said...

OK, Lisa Heaston was my name, I lived with the Austrian stake president & family Aug 1990 to Aug 1991. I'm tall and had longish blonde, curly hair and big glasses while I was there. I was in Wien II the whole time, and met the BYU exchange students as well. I only remember one girl who sang really well named Amy I think, and a guy named Chris I think..tall from California. Near the end of my year, I also served a short-time mission in Wiener Neustadt for 3 weeks with....what was her name?! My memory is horrid. Sister.. (she wouldn't let me use her first name)Oh yeah, Sister Engman. Angie Engman. So I think I either knew you from Wien or from Wiener Neustadt, or both. I just know I talked to you before. How small a world is it?! Nice to meet you again.

I'm married to a non-member, came home from BYU pregnant in 1992, and tomorrow is the day we sit down with our kids and explain why Mom doesn't believe the church is true anymore. Wish me luck! I have many of the same issues you had, only they are now coming to the fore. (I've been good at denial or suppressing my inner thoughts to fit the LDS mindset, unfortunately.) It's about time I came to my senses!