Monday, October 30, 2006

Skype, Vonage, FiOS

So, I'm thinking of getting Skype.

My friend, Dr. Lala, at an unamed agency, claims it is the way to go and if I got Skype, I could talk to her and my friends, Swizzies, for free.

I'm usually a little behind the times when it comes to embracing technology (who needs all the bells and whistles on a new cell phone, when the old one still works just fine, thank you very much?), but I'm told this is the way to go.

Have any of you used Skype or Vonage or FiOS? Which would you recommend and why?

The technologically challenged want to know....


Sister Mary Lisa said...

i have a digital phone that is connected to my internet service, only an additional $20 per month vs. a phone line via Qwest. I'm thinking that it kind of sucks, but it's nice to have a phone at home when I want to go out with my cell phone, so the kids aren't left without.

I haven't tried an international call yet.

The drawback is sometimes the connection isn't so great. Sometimes it sounds like we are on a terrible phone, and sometimes I'm talking to someone at home and then suddenly I can't hear them anymore and it's like they aren't there. Sometimes, too, we answer the phone but our whole "Hello?" spiel doesn't register for some reason. So the person sits there waiting for someone to pick up but we already did.

ticklethepear said...

Yep. It was the preferred communications protocol when I was in BF. Connection was OK. Main advantage was that it's free.

Swizzies said...

Skype KICKS ASS!! :-)

Bishop Rick said...

I have a vonage phone in my home office that I use to run my side business and fax. If you have a good high speed line/connection, you will have very few problems (if any). If your line is slow, dirty, or unreliable, I would advise against vonage or equivalent.

$24 a month for unlimited long distance and local with all the features (caller ID, call forwarding, etc.) included.

Works for me.

Have never used skype, but have used similar free internet calling services. They are actually pretty good if you have a good headset for your computer.

Swizzies said...