Thursday, December 21, 2006

Day 21: Shaming

In the field of sociology, there is a phenomenon that we study--regardless of specialization--called shaming. Shaming is all about creating strata. It's about us vs. them, the washed and the unwashed, the hip and the nerd, the righteous and the damned. Shaming is often used as a tool when you want those who fall in the them/unwashed/nerd/damned (TUND) category to toe the line and be like you (i.e. the us/washed/hip/righteous crowd; UWHP.)

Thanks to Blogger, we have a similar scenario of shaming. Now, when I go to Blogger's home page to log into my blog, this is what I see.

Note the use of the words "New" and "Old" and the juxtaposition of the Google type face with a dull, san serif typeface for the word Blogger. Even before that, though, notice the seemingly innocent, but belittling query, "But first, where do you blog?" Right away, they're letting you know, you might not be quite up to par and you may find yourself in the out group.

As I have not switched over to betaBlogger, I am in the TUND crowd. I have a Google account, but I'm not interested in using it for this blog as it's tied to another blog I'm thinking of starting down the road and I'd like the two to be separate. Furthermore, I'm not interested in owning two Google accounts. Hence, I'm TUND.

As a result, I get sent to this page to sign in:

So yesterday.

So unhip.

So not the NEW Blogger.


For those who have been shamed into it, you get to sign in here:

Woo hoo!

Whoopity doo.

Okay, okay. I'll confess. Eventually I'll get tired of the whole new vs. old crap and I'll switch, too. But until then, I'm staying right where I am.


Sideon said...

My existence is supposedly pure shame.

Google might be waiting a long time before I even think of beta blogger. I'm more likely to be a porn star, first. Or President of the U.S. Or both.

Anonymous said...


Waaay too much thought on this subject, mate... c'mon over to the Dark Side, and play with all of us cool kids.

Sister Mary Lisa said...

I'm with Sid and J. I'm not switching until I absolutely have to.

I still maintain that the one week of not being able to post comments was an insidious ploy to make people switch. For that reason alone I've dug in my heels for the long haul.

Janet M. Kincaid said...

I'm sticking with Sideon and SML on this one, GF. I think after years and years of conformity facilitated by guilt about not being perfect enough, I'm staying with Old Blogger for a bit longer.