Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Day 27: Criteria for DC Blogs Noted?

Being a blogger and living in DC means that I, like many others who blog and live in the DC metropolitan area, am listed on DC Blogs. DC Blogs is a living, breathing list of blogs that are written by several catergories of folks:

A. Those who live in DC proper
B. Those who live in metropolitan DC (Northern Virginia and Maryland)
C. Those who have lived in DC and started a blog here, but have then returned to their native states or countries
D. News organizations in DC that have blogs as part of their news mix (i.e. Washington City Paper, et. al.)

I'm not obsessed with DC Blogs, so I can't really tell you whose brainchild it was or who really runs it. I know there's one guy--KOB--who seems to be in charge, but beyond that, I'm not sure who's running things over there or if there's even an organizational structure. Being the blogosphere, it's somewhat comforting to think that perhaps there isn't an organizational structure or policies and procedures that require dress codes and Robert's Rules of Order. It seems possible there's a clique, but then again, when you get three or more people together anywhere, there's always the potential for a clique. As a result, whether there's a clique is a moot point.

Okay, so what is my point?

My point is, I've been trying to figure out what the criteria are that result in blogs being chosen as "DC Blogs Noted" every day? What is the formula? Also, do we keep seeing a lot of the same bloggers noted simply because these folks are the best of the best bloggers in DC and its environs or do we keep seeing a lot of the same bloggers because somehow they've managed to become part of the "in crowd" and are the "cool kids"?

Eight times out of 10, I enjoy the bloggers who are noted on any given day. Occasionally, there's a dud in there, but then judging the content of a blog is a purely subjective thing which means that whoever decides what gets posted on DC Blogs thought the dud was funny or sage or something. I've met and made friends with several bloggers as a result of reading DC Blogs Noted, so that's a good thing. And, it's how I learned about PostSecret, also a good thing.

But when you're seeing the same folks over and over again, it starts to feel like you're going to the same party over and over and over again. I like a party where I see people who are familiar but where I also meet new people or where I see someone I've met before but haven't seen in a while. It's also fun when you're the one who's noted, because it means you're probably going to meet new people and continue to expand your blog reading options.

Anyway--I'm just wondering what the criteria are. I had an entry a while ago I thought for sure would make DC Blogs and it didn't. And the entry I didn't like at all that I never even thought would show up on DC Blogs did.

I'm just curious. And I'm not complaining. Just observing.


Kimberly said...

Hello! Totally off the subject here...but Merry Christmas...late...and it sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas with your dear family! Great memory video! I just had to say that the best, most amazing gift ever is the 20Q! I got it for Kasey (3rd child) and I had to go buy me one (well I actually bought 3, yesterday!) Do you have it? You can go to and play it online also. IT TOTALLY GUESSES WHAT YOU ARE THINKING! IT MAKES ME SCREAM! BIG BROTHER IS SOMEWHERE OUT THERE!!! Try it! It's addicting though!

honeykbee said...

I think you're on to something regarding the DC Blogs noted clique of cool kids, but also agree that noteworthy blogs (or anything else for that matter) are completely objective. It's likely that your IKEA post made it up there over the religious based post because, I've noticed, the powers that be at DC Blogs tend to favor the whiney and cleverly complaining variety of post. Or maybe it was just a slow blog day?

Janet M. Kincaid said...

Kim: Hi! Merry Christmas to you, too. Sounds like you had a good one.

honeykbee: Welcome! I'm really thinking there's something to the subjectivity with which noted blogs are found and selected. Of course, it can't be objective, because very little ever is. And I'm fine with that. It just seems there's little rhyme or reason behind what gets in and what doesn't, though I think you're on to something with the whining thing.... Then again, perhaps you're right: maybe it was just a slow blog day.

P.S. I was just reading your NoodleP archives and I love, love, love this line from a piece NoodleP wrote back in November: "Granted everyone has their own issues. Some of us have so many hang-ups, Christmas trees are jealous." Classic! And your Beelog retrospective on Gerald Ford: sublime!