Monday, December 04, 2006

Day 4: Widgets

Widgets are a wonderful thing. Especially when they're whimsical. (And they make for a great filler topic when you can't come up with anything more enlightening and serious.)

These are my widgets.

From left to right, starting at the top...

Ski Report
I'm not a huge fan of snow or winter, but I grew up in Utah and I thought it would be fun to track snow fall in Park City.

Gas Report
This tells me where I can find cheap gas in my neighborhood.

Weather Bug
This tells me the temperature and weather conditions for my area.

Love this game.

In the middle...

Old Time Radio
Let's me listen to streaming audio from some station/network in Antioch, Illinois. They play old radio shows and mystery theater like Gunsmoke and Dragnet and the NBC Family Hour. It's fun and reminds me of listening to CBS Radio Mystery Theater on KSL in Salt Lake when I was a kid.


Also self-explanatory. Please note, mine is still set an hour ahead. Even though it says 2:44, it's really 1:44.

Dashboard Counter
Mimics the application icon for Dashboard, home of the widgets. It's a counter that tells me know how many times I've clicked on Dashboard and launched my widgets. In this case, 219.

Let's me control iTunes without actually launching iTunes separately.


Let's me see my Netflix cue without opening my browser and launching Netflix's site. Quite handy.

San Francisco Webcams
Let's me see a variety of shots of my favorite city. The picture you see is from a webcam in Sausalito that looks across the bay to San Francisco. This is the skyline at night, one of the prettiest in the world, I think.

Countdown to Christmas
Counts down the days, hours, minutes, and seconds until Christmas. I took this screen shot three days ago, so that's three less days until the happiest day on earth.

Just added this one. Have yet to use it. Nifty, though.

And, the piece de resistance...

The Christmas lights framing it all. They twinkle. And I love them. This is my most favoritest widget of all!

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Sister Mary Lisa said...

I must say I'm impressed! BTW, my last e-mail to you came back to me without any words from you. Was this by accident?