Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Bring Back the Gecko

In the chronicles of advertising, there are a rare few that create either a jingle or an icon that is truly memorable. And since advertisers don't write jingles anymore, that just leaves icons. Case in point: the Geico Gecko. Love this little dude. Commercials with the Gecko make me laugh.

He ranks right up there with the 'Noid from the Domino's Pizza ads in the late 80s and early 90s.

Lately, however, Geico has decided to go with has-been stars and cavemen. The commercials with Charo, Little Richard, the Movie Voiceover Dude, and Peter Graves were interesting once, but now they're just dull and overplayed. Still, these are bearable in comparison to the ads featuring cavemen. Those ads are just flat out stupid and a waste of ad dollars and air time.

But you be the judge. Which would you rather?

The Gecko (see above) or Charo?

The Gecko (see above) or the Caveman?

I vote for the Gecko. Bring Back the Gecko! Bring Back the Gecko! Bring Back the Gecko....

(Okay, seriously, I need to go to bed earlier. And, I should probably think about getting a life. Still... Bring Back the Gecko....)


Sylvia said...

Great minds think alike!

JMK said...

Sylvia: I missed this one. Where was I in August?!

Burt Bacharach aside, I think MoBob would think the Geico Gecko is tres cool.

Zanne said...

I'm voting Gecko! (although I thought he was funnier before the cockney accent)

Gunfighter said...

I'm a big fan of the Gecko

Mary Ellen said...

The caveman ads are lame. I did like the Little Richard ad when Jon Stewart pasted George Bush in the next frame.

Why don't we see ads like "Where's the beef?" anymore?

Sister Mary Lisa said...

My all time favorite are the funny DQ ones, like the Brownie Batter Blizzard one where the guy is talking like his tongue is three times too big, becuase he got it stuck in the beaters he licked when his wife was making brownies. Remember that one? Classic.

JMK said...

Zanne: I don't remember the Gecko before he went all cockneyed. Still, I love his droll little, "Look mate, there's fish and there's chips. Fish and chips..."

GF: I knew there was an underlying reason why I like you!

ME: Amen, sister! I missed the Jon Stewart spoof. Perhaps I'll have to look on YouTube....

SML: I don't remember those ads. Again: YouTube.