Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Happiness Is...

...Cook's Illustrated.

My recent edition showed up in the mail today and I read it during my lunch. I'm required to take a one hour lunch and since I don't have any work that would compel me to work through lunch, I actually sit down and enjoy an hour off. This month's edition included a review of balsamic vinegars, a recipe for a lemon cake that looks simply divine, and the truth about bread making. If you like cooking, this magazine is a must. It's a bit on the pricey side and comes out bi-monthly, but there's no advertising to slog through, not fawning reviews of restaurants or wineries, just good information. Think of Cook's Illustrated as the Popular Science of cooking magazines.

...German bologna.

That was today's lunch. Thinly sliced German bologna on white bread with Miracle Whip and pepper. Oh, yummy. But it has to be German bologna. None of that Oscar Meyer crap here, baby! And what's up with fried bologna. Ew. Ick.


Saw one out for a walk with its owner this morning on my way into work. I want one. They're just too adorable for words and so incredibly loyal. Speaking of dachshunds, I just watched an old Disney film, The Ugly Dachshund. Perhaps I'll review that in a separate post. Funny, funny movie.


If you haven't seen this British spy thriller (it's called Spooks in the U.K.), you're missing out. It's really quite good.

...No tickets in the seven hour parking zone. So far.

Parked in Metro lot in the Republic of Takoma Park again this morning. Came back this evening anticipating a ticket. No ticket. I wonder how long my luck will hold?

...A face only a mother could love.

What's not to love?


E :) said...

I love those little dogs! My neighbour's here have one called Snoopy. They are lovely little things.

Adriana Velez said...

I know, I know, I need to subscribe to Cooks Illustrated. I'm missing out!

JMK said...

e:) : Aren't they fabulous? They're so funny, too. My parents have one and he is a fetching fool. If there's a ball to be thrown and caught, he's there and he just keeps on going and going and going. Never mind that your throwing arm gave out six tosses ago.

Adriana: You really, really must try out Cook's. It's quite enjoyable. In fact, this month's lemon cake recipe is one I could totally see you getting into because the meringue frosting is actually cooked...

Swizzies said...

Cooks Illustrated: Love it. Miss it. Read it online, but it's just not the same.

German bologna (called lyonner sausage here, as far as I can tell): Love it. Must eat it. Doch: Miracle Whip - NOT TO BE CONSUMED BY HUMANS!!! ACK. Barf.

Dachshunds: Love 'em. So damn cute. Dogs in general: So much better than cats. Are too.

MI-5: Love it, own all of them on DVD. :-) Come watch 'em with us! We'll eat lots of German bologna - but there will be no Miracle Whip allowed in the house.

Sidebar: I know! I can not BELIEVE that Adriana is not a CI fan! Saveur my ass - CI is THE cooking magazine. That said, Saveur is more foodie-oriented. CI is more mainstream in its tastes I think?

Holly said...

I'm not that dog's mother, and I ADORE that face. Who wouldn't?

And you're right: MI-5 is awesome.


Zanne said...

OMGOSH that puppy is adorable!
Are you really thinking about getting one? I love puppies!

Sister Mary Lisa said...

Did you ever get to eat a Pariser Semmel mit Guerkel? It is SO GOOD.

To duplicate it I have a bun or white bread with the yummy German bologna and put bread & butter pickle slices on there in a layer. No mayo, no mustard. And I LOVE IT.

JMK said...

Swizzies: You can't get a subscription overseas? What a bummer. That's the only thing I don't like about CI--their fulfillment center and customer service can suck.

The Miracle Whip thing is one of those grew-up-with-it, comfort food sort of things. Sorry. I'll make sure it's strictly mayo when you're around!

MI-5... Yeah. We're only on Season 3 over here, dangit! And I'm Netflixing it. Last night, I saw the episode where Fiona gets killed! I liked her, so I'm pretty bummed today.

As for Adriana not having Cook's, I'm being to think we just get a gift subscription for her.

JMK said...

Holly: Hear! Hear! People who think dachshunds are just short dogs on a leash don't know what they're missing. What I love about dachshunds are three things: how they always look worried, how fiercely they bark at dogs 10 times their size, and how loyal they are.

And yes, MI-5 rocks. Why can't they make shows like that over here?

Zanne: One of these days, I'm a little more financially secure, I'm going to get me one or two of these little guys. One of these days...

SML: No, I've never had a bologna sammich with butter pickles on it. I just might have to try that.