Friday, January 05, 2007

Lesser of Two Evils

I don't know which is worse: Pat Robertson's ill-conceived revelations or the deification of Angelina Jolie.

Dear Lord, forget trouncing Patty Boy. Please, remove the curse of Brangelina from us. It's enough already. Amen.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention where I found this. It was in a Liz Kelly column in the Washington Post. Here's the link. The title of the piece is "Blessed Art Thou" and is painted by an artist named Kate Kertz.


Zanne said...

Amen!! (roflmao)
WHERE did you find that pic? Hilarious!

JMK said...

Zanne: Isn't that just the most hideous thing you've ever laid eyes on?

It was featured in an article in the Washington Post. I'll go back and update the entry to include a link.

Kimberly said...

I saw the top of the picture before I saw your text and thought, "that looks like Angelina Jolie!" And yep...I guess it is. Doesn't she look like a man? I saw an interview with Donald Trump who said that he didn't think A.J. was beautiful at all. I think we've had enough of him too with the whole Rosie battle. Oh! and now Donald says that when Miss USA (you know the one he said can keep her title?)gets out of rehab, she'll probably be posing for the cover of Playboy. Oh my gosh! Isn't there something wrong here!!!!

Zanne said...

That article made me laugh outloud! Truly unbelievable! :)

Sideon said...

It's the birth of a new religion! How exciting!

I do love Angelina, but in a "oh my gawd her lips defy gravity - are they real" kind of way.

Can I be Brad's disciple, just for a little while? I figure his abs are the closest things to Heaven.

Sister Mary Lisa said...

LOL, Sideon. Seriously.