Monday, January 08, 2007


I'm digging for material today, so I thought I'd point out a couple of new links over in my--what else?--Links.

Several days ago, I added FogBay. This is a compilation of photographs--usually one a day or a mini-series--about the places and people that make the San Francisco/Bay Area unique and beautiful. It's one of my favorite sites with stunning pictures, great quotes, and interesting facts, as well as a link to a map that shows you exactly where in the Bay Area the picture was taken. This guy does a great job of capturing exactly what it is I love about that part of the country and is a large part of why I want to go back. This is FogBay's picture of the Bolina's Cliffs and Lighthouse.

I also added The Professor and Mary Ann to my blog links today. This is the blog of my friends, Rob and Mary Ann McFarland and their three kids, Maddie Lou, Wills, and Sebastian. Rob and Mary Ann are dear friends I made while I was a student in Berkeley, lo these many years ago. Rob is a professor of German at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, and MaryAnn is his incredibly intelligent, frightfully witty, well-read wife who speaks Spanish, but is learning German. I believe all of their kids are multi-lingual as well. We call Mary Ann "MA" for short and this is MA's chronicle of their family's teaching sojourn in Berlin this year. Rob does this every couple of years--takes a group of students either to Berlin or Vienna for a summer and a semester. Next time they go, I'm signing on as their luggage handler!


Adriana Velez said...

Right on, a family that travels with its kids. I love that!

janeannechovy said...

Mary Ann was on the list for the Dialogue Women's issue, right? I remember e-meeting her there, and thinking I should meet her in person on one of my trips to Provo. Now I know why I thought she was cool--she's a friend of yours!

JMK said...

Adriana: And this is one cool family with kids! Although, apparently this year was especially hectic. I was emailing with MA one day a few weeks ago and in the middle of our e-conversation, she wrote: "Have to run. Will just cut his eye!" This year's trip included a student who ended up in the hospital. And I guess they were teaching a lot out of their teeny, tiny apartment. Still, they seem to have the best time.

JA: I believe she is, yes. The funny thing about MA is, the first Sunday I attended the Berkeley University Ward, it was also the first Sunday Rob and MA attended as well. MA spoke that Sunday and Rob and I were the first people at the podium afterward to ask her about her talk (which was something along the lines of how the Grinch stole Christmas post-mission life. She and Tania have written a piece together on adjusting to life after serving missions that was quite good. That may have been the Dialogue piece...) Anyway--she's way cool and one of my favorite people, not to mention a good and loyal friend.