Sunday, January 28, 2007

No, No, No, No, No, No... Yessshh

What line is that from and who says it?

If you guessed the Vicar of Dibley and Jim, you'd be right on both counts. If you didn't guess either, then get thee to Netflix and add it to your queue!

The Vicar of Dibley is a hilarious British sitcom starring Dawn French and Emma Chambers. French plays Geraldine Granger as the Vicar. Sent to the Village of Dibley, she's a shock to the tiny town and the parish council because they've never had a woman vicar. What follows are Geraldine's efforts to move the parish council out of its antiquated ways of thinking and doing and into a more contemporary, progressive place. Along the way, French and her co-horts exchange some of the best lines in British comedic writing.

Here's a good example.

I adore this show. If you love British humour, you'll love this show. If you hate it and don't get it and think it's all stupid and vapid, I'd say avoid this then. You won't enjoy it and it's meant to be enjoyed.


NG said...

I love, Love, LOVE this show. We were so disappointed when it only went a few seasons.


Zanne said...

Oh I needed that! I'd be surprised if you didn't hear me all the way in DC! Thank you thank you!

JMK said...

NG: And what's not to love, right? I've heard that French and her sidekick Saunders have also done a great job in a show called Jam and Jerusalem. Somehow, I've got to get a hold of that.

Also, I just read somewhere that after 12 years on the BBC, the Vicar signed off last year. I asked a friend about it and she said that unlike US sitcoms, the Vicar was on in dribs and drabs over there. An episode here and there, but never anything long-running like Seinfeld or Friends. Still, I'd like to get my hands on those last episodes.

Zanne: I'm glad you so thoroughly enjoyed that! If just that one snippet had you ROFLYAO, I can only imagine what will happen to you when you see entire episodes. The best parts are at the end, after the credits. Dawn French and Emma Chambers are sitting at tea and French's character (the Vicar) tells a joke that Chambers' character (Alice) never understands. It's absolutely brilliant and hilarious!

Bent Fabric said...

I've never met a British sitcom I didn't like.

Miss Understood said...

This was definitely one of our better sitcoms...although I could name a couple more.
Dawn French is fantastic - it's hard to fault any of her work really - so it was sad to see this go. Perhaps we'll get lucky and get a Xmas special in a few years? That often seems to be the case over here when shows hang up their hats.

Great choice!

Gunfighter said...

I'll bet you aren't surpised that I love the V of D, as well.

Genilimaa said...

I loooove Dawn French. She's extremely talented, but I still think she's been giving us teasers all these years and not the whole enchilada that she's capable of.
I mean, watching and listening to her on interviews like at Michael Parkinson makes me suspect a huge potential still not realised.

I'm still not over that French & Saunders decided to put Saunders in the lead character for "Absolutely fabulous". French would have killed in that part.

Di said...

I have a longtime girl crush on Dawn French. She is AWESOME.

If you haven't already, you should also watch all the French and Saunders series/specials (they've been going for years now). And she's married to Lenny Henry, who is also hilarious (I think his show is called Lenny Henry in Pieces). Oh, and she did a show called Wild West that was also sooo funny.

Oh, and Little Britain - LOVE this one. Not Dawn French, but so damn funny it hurts me. Finally, the Katharine (sp?) Tate show.

I love how the Brits make you clench your butt, cringe in horror and laugh to tears all at the same time.

JMK said...

Bent Fabric: Me neither! And why can't we have more telly like the Brits have? Of course, I'm sure they're on the other side of the pond watching U.S. shows and saying, "I love American t.v. Why can't we have more of this?" (Or maybe they're not.)

Ms. U: You folks on the other side of the pond have the best humor. And you all get away with saying things by virtue of your lilting accents that over here would be unlawful harassment. Makes me wish I lived in England!

Gunfighter: I'm no surprised by that at all because you are a man who appreciates good humor and the finer things in life--like the V of D.

Gen: I thought the same thing, too, when I watched the F&S material. I think French is infinitely more funny and talented than Saunders.

Di: I still need to call the cable company and get BBC America. Anything British I watch is from Netflix or on PBS, which is quite pathetic really.