Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Resolving My Employment

I haven't made this a New Year's resolution, per se, because NYRs are mostly about things we need to do that are good for us in indirect ways. Like reading so many books in a week or writing in our journals/blogs or giving up chocolate (that last one will never happen in my lifetime unless my internist orders me to do so. And even then, it will be a fight.)

Having said that, I have decided rather firmly on a course of action to end my unemployment. I am going to apply for at least one job every day until I get a job. Necessity and my credit rating dictate that 2007 is going to be the Year of the Success for me (I read it in a fortune cookie, so it has to be true, right?)

I'm going to make publishing my number one priority, with an open mind toward grant writing and foundation work. I'd prefer less grant writing and more foundation work, though, barring a job as managing editor. If I'm going to do that sort of thing, I think I'd like the experience of being the one giving away the money, not the one begging for it.

I'm off to the job boards and classifieds. Wish me luck!

Note: To learn where I'm applying on a daily basis, see the right sidebar under "My Profile."

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Sister Mary Lisa said...

You have my luck, J. Best wishes on that job search. May it bring you a little closer to MT. :)

Anonymous said...

The very best of luck Janet. You'll be in a job and subsequently wishing you weren't before you know it! Seriously...I really hope you land a position you'll be happy in. x

Di said...

I'm a competitive and paranoid woman, but I wouldn't be advertising jobs that you're applying for. Why potentially increase the candidate pool?

Am I bad?