Thursday, February 15, 2007

26 Things + 1

I stole this idea from Ms. Understood. As I had a camera the other night, I figured I'd take advantage of it. Most of these pictures were taken on Sunday night. A few were taken at various times last year. And one was taken in 1972. Without further ado, here are pictures of 26 things. Plus, one. (To see larger images, click on each picture.)


Red or White?


Just a small portion of my teacup and saucer collection.
The one in the middle is from my sister,

who brought this to me as a gift from her trip to St. Petersburg.


If you can guess what this is,
I'll make a donation in your name to your favorite charity.


A statue in Fredricksburg, VA, that commemorates
the caring shown by troop Richard Kirkland (CSA-SC)
who crossed enemy lines to provide water
to wounded Union troops during the Battle of Fredricksburg.


This is my favorite chocolate bar, ever.
We use to take them and break them in half,

put peanut butter on half a Kaisersemmeln
and eat it like a sandwich. Yummy!


Lilies at the L.A. Flower Market in July 2006.


It's winter, which means
the water runs colder out of the tap.

This is cold water, running out of my bathroom tap.


A variety of seashells, exoskeletons, and driftwood
in a set of nesting bowls painted and fired by my late grandmother.


I adore Gerbera daisies.
I think they're the friendlist, happiest flowers around.
Taken at the L.A. Flower Market, July 2006.


Obvious and unimaginative.


Rocks on a beach in central California,
not too far from San Luis Obispo.
Taken in July 2006.


Close-up of the dust cover from
Hitler: A Study in Tyranny, Alan Bullock.
On a shelf in my library.


Again, somewhat obvious and unimaginative.

In My Bathroom

These are sitting in the window sill,
which doubles as the frame for the mirror,
in the bathroom.


The daughter of friends in L.A.
It was hot as Hades that day

and this wee one fell asleep on my shoulder.

A phenomenon her mother says
never happens with strangers.

They promptly named me "The Kid Whisperer."


My Eiffel Tower lamp and my Star Wars LEGO key chains.


My hair sticks up in the morning and life is a little blurry.
Don't talk to me before 9:00 a.m., please.


A 200-year old bonsai at the U.S. National Arboretum in D.C.
Taken in August 2006.


Remember that reference above to "hot as Hades"?
Taken in L.A. in July 2006.


Brazilian Cherry wood floors,
Dr. Pepper,
Pogeaux the Red.


A dogwood blossom,
which, legend has it,

is a symbol of Christ's crucifixion.


Moonset on Monday morning
as seen through my home office window.


Old pot I inherited from my last living grandparent,
my Gram in California.

Still Life

painted on porcelain and fired

by my late grandmother Martha June Harvey Bangerter.

Inherited by her daughter and my mother,

Janell Bangerter Kincaid.

Given to me by my mother in May 2006.


At a farmer's market in California.
July 2006.


On a tree in D.C.
January 2006.

And, as an extra...


Taken at my aunt's wedding reception in 1972.
It was a Japanese-themed wedding.
I was four.

Photo copyrights, except for the last picture: Janet M Kincaid, 2006 and 2007.


CreoleInDC said...

Wow...who knew! FABULOUS!

Mary Ellen said...

That last shot is precious.

For hot, you could have used the Scary Feminist group shot at the wedding. ;)

JMK said...

CID: Thank you! Ah, the beauty of digital photography! (Actually, truth be told, some of these are doctored [i.e. cropped, antiqued, using iPhoto software, etc.] Still regretting that I never took a formal photography class or learned how to use the ultimate starter camera: a Pentax K-1000.)

ME: Thank you! There was a time when I was cute as a button. Now, as I told my aunt this evening, I'm just old and stinky. As for "Hot," I thought about using the wedding group photo, but I didn't want to keep emphasizing the fact that it was HOT at your wedding! ;-) Sort of like "tedious" and not knowing whether we're still joking about that or not? Still... it was really hot that day...

Zanne said...

That was fabulous!!!!
My guess on the Blurred shot is Northern Lights (good Canadian that I am!)

Aside: you must explain to me how you got the pics to align themselves properly with the text. I tried it when I posted my UK pics and it was a mess so I gave up! :P

JMK said...

Zanne: No northern lights. Sorry. But you can try again. There's no limit on guesses here.

As for setting up photos in Blogger, I chose "center" and put them in that way. I did the same with the text above and below each picture. If you're working in Safari or Explorer, you may not have all of those editing options. I know I don't. When I'm crafting a new blog entry, I always use Mozilla/Firefox. You can download and install the brower for free on your computer. It allows you format your text and pictures in a variety of ways. If you can, get Firefox.

Sister Mary Lisa said...

I love the photos and the explanations with them.

The blur is a green chair taken at an angle. That's my guess.


JMK said...

SML: I do own a few green chairs, but nope, that's not it. You can guess again though, if you'd like.