Friday, February 09, 2007


I’m not a philatelist, but I wrote about Austria yesterday and it reminded me of their postage stamps, or Briefmarken. Unlike American stamps, which are dull and flat, Austrian stamps are textured and the majority are printed using rotogravure. The result is a stamp that looks and feels like our currency and that has details that are exquisite. I’ve received letters from many different countries in my life, but none have stamps as beautiful as the Austrians. At least, in my humble opinion anyway. Here are a couple of examples.

This one commemorates Austrian snowplow drivers who keep the Alpine passes and roads cleared in wintertime. This mark was printed in 1964.

A good example of the detail that goes into Austria's stamps. This mark is from 1933.

Here's one that has a more contemporary theme: the commemoration of an electrical plant just outside Vienna in the suburb of Schwechat, which is also where the airport is located.

Here's one that's more whimsical and modern. It was issued to celebrate Postage Stamp Day in 1990.

And finally, what would Austrian philately be without a stamp of Austria's own native son, the Guvenator of Kahleefornya--Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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Sister Mary Lisa said...

Aaaaaah. Why do you insist on giving me such Heimweh???

I love it, of course.