Monday, February 26, 2007

Can't Write... Must Sleep...

Like so many movie lovers last night, I stayed up and watched ALL.FOUR.AND.A.HALF.HOURS of the Oscars. And boy, am I paying for it tonight.

Getting up and going to work this morning was really hard. All the rest and relaxation I'd given myself on Saturday and most of Sunday was ruined by sitting through the Oscars until 12:30 a.m.!

I thought Ellen Degeneres did a great job, but whoever the director and producer for the Oscars were, they should get a Razzie this year. Could the montages have been any longer? And did we need five interpretive dances?

Still, the Oscars did have some good moments. Most notably, the awards that went to Alan Arkin, Ari Sandel, Al Gore & Co., Jennifer Hudson, Melissa Etheridge, and Helen Mirren. I still don't understand why Scorsese won for The Departed. I've seen that movie and I just didn't get it, nor did I see its Oscar worthiness. Of course, I'm probably the only person in America who didn't get it.

And, as much I can't stand Brad Pitt, I realized it was probably a mistake not to see Babel while it was in theaters. Thankfully, I have Netflix and will soon be remedying that.

I loved Ari Sandel's and Helen Mirren's acceptance speeches. And I thought the best presenters of the night were Jayden Christopher Syre Smith and Abigail Breslin.

I was glad to hear the Oscar have "gone green," but it might have been nice to hear more about what they'd done, the energy that was saved, and reductions in carbon emissions rather than the gratuitous plug it ended up being for the Natural Resources Defense Council. And speaking of NRDC, their website wasn't helpful in providing any cool tidbits or sound bites either. Come on guys! If you're gonna go green, provide some data that will make it interesting to lay folks so they'll think more than just "woo hoo" about your announcement. Give it some meaning and context.

Oh, and P.S., somebody please, please, please make Jerry Seinfeld go away. He wasn't even funny. (Which just proves my point that he's an idiot and not at all funny. Of course, I'm in the minority on this, I know that. I know the vast majority of Americans think he's the funniest thing since Bozo the Clown. Really, though, he's just a bozo.)

There's my Oscar wrap-up. And now, it may only be 9:30 p.m. here, but I'm off to bed.

Graphic illustration copyright: The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences.


Gunfighter said...

You know, JAnet... I didn't even comment about Seinfeld in my recap.... he just didn't even register.

Adriana Velez said...

I'm behind in my blog reading, as usual. First I wanted to tell you I like your new format! Very crisp and refreshing. And I also have to endorse Babel. I'm no Brad Pitt fan, either, but I loved the movie.

JMK said...

GF: Oh, he registered with me. Boy did he register. I thought his monologue sucked. And please tell me I have you as company in thinking Seinfeld is an idiot? It's awfully lonely over here being the lone voice in the wilderness!

Adriana: Thank you! Of course, I only just realized that I've basically mimicked you and JA. I suppose this means you're a trendsetter and I know a good idea when I see one, right?

Am definitely going to check out Babel, ASAP.

Note to all: I forgot to include Forrest Whittaker in the list of folks who gave good speeches upon receiving their Oscars. His was, I think, the most heartfelt and well-thought out of them all! And, I need to add Last King of Scotland to my Netflix queue.

CreoleInDC said...

LOL! Why are yall so hard on Jerry? ROFL! I thought Ellen was GREAT once I got past the shoes she had on at the beginning. :)

Di said...

I would just like to point out that you're all mimicking me, the originator of the whitespace blog. I'm just sayin.

Also, I love Seinfeld.

I gotta be me.

JMK said...

Di: You are so right and I stand humbly corrected. Adriana, JA, and I have mimicked you. Which means, you are the trailblazer!

Here is empirical evidence of your subliminal powers of persuasion.... One of these days, everyone will bend to your will! ;-)