Thursday, February 01, 2007

In the BIN 3

I'm still trying to figure out what day of the week should be In the BIN Day. Any thoughts on that, or should it just be a random thing and a surprise? Anyway--regardless, here you go. Oh, and the picture will make sense a little further down in this entry.

Culling through the DC Blogs Live feed again this evening, as well as a few other blogs I read here and there.

Here's why thinking before you speak is always a good idea.

Wanted: Warm and Lovely Home for an... Emu?

This is ironic, as I just drafted my blog post for Friday. Now, several hours later, I run across this call for a Silent Cyber Poetry Reading. Stay tuned and watch this space tomorrow for my favorite poem.

Folks in this town say the darnedest things. Check out Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday's eavesdroppings.

Here's a fun post about maps at the Goodspeed Update. I actually own the California Upside Down Map Rob refers to in this entry. It's a cool map! You can order one here.

And finally, as a friend of mine would say, to those who pay it forward, "Blessings await you."

Happy reading, friends!

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