Thursday, February 22, 2007


Received a postcard from Dr Lala, who was in NYC last week at the U.N. She sent this beauty of a card. On the back it says, "Gift from the Government of Luxembourg. Non-Violence by Carl Fredrik Reutersward."

Here's a quiz question for all you geography buffs out there: without looking at Wikipedia, Google, Google Maps, MapQuest, or any other search engine, can you name the three countries that border Luxembourg? Bonus points if you can name the official languages of this tiny European country. Double bonus if you can name the capital.

The person who can successfully complete the quiz will win my eternal awe and admiration.


hm-UK said...

Let's see...Switzerland, France and Italy?

Capital is called Luxembourg, I think. They probably officially speak French and German but, like most European countries, probably unofficially speak as many languages as the Dutch!!

Those are my honest guesses. Honestly. Wish me luck, I'm dying for your respect and admiration, Janet! HM

Zanne said...

My guess is is Germany, Austria, and Switzerland and the official languages are German and French, can't even guess at the capital. :D

Anonymous said...

Belgium, France & Germany? Official languages: French, German and Walloon/Flemish? I think I've even been there.

I've seen the original sculpture depicted on the postcard--it's quite large. I saw it in the Centre Pompidou in Paris. It's fun to mentally untie that knot and see how long the gun barrel gets.

JMK said...

HM-UK: Nope, 2/3 yes, and yes.

As for having my respect and admiration, you'll always have that, darling!

Zanne: 1/3 yes, 2/3 yes.

JA: Yes, 2/3 yes.

Gunfighter said...

France, Germany, and Belgium.



...and their head of State is Grand Duke Henri, and his lovely wife Grand Duchess Maria Therese.

How'd I do?

JMK said...

GF: Yes, 1/3 yes, and yes. And, I think we'll throw in triple bonus points to you for knowing the name of the Grand Duke and Duchess.