Monday, March 05, 2007

Aw Natch-you-raal

This postcard arrived several days ago, but was only discovered today lost between a bill and a catalog. It's from my friend, Sylvia, who has lived in some truly exotic places during her career in gender and international development. And yet, with tongue in cheek, she writes on the back of this postcard, "I'm finally sending you a postcard from the most exotic place I've ever lived."

Yep, Arkansas definitely holds a candle to Morocco, Mali, Kenya, and Burkina Faso. Not.

Thanks for the card, Sylvia. And sorry it got lost in the shuffle. Hugs to you and MoBob!

P.S. That odd glow you see on my pictures of postcards is a result of my computer monitor throwing light back onto the card as PhotoBooth takes a picture of the card. Just thought you'd like to know....


CreoleInDC said...

First time I've ever heard Arkansas and exotic in the same sentence. :)

Smooches to your household!

NIGER1.COM said...