Sunday, March 11, 2007

Fell in Hole; Landed in Pied-à-terre! More at 11...

Received this postcard yesterday from a friend in London who also owns a pied-à-terre in Brighton. And what, pray tell, is a pied-à-terre, you ask? Or maybe it was only me asking... Seems a pied-à-terre is a fancy way of saying "small apartment." Either way, according to said friend, their pied-à-terre overlooks Sussex Square, which is featured in the two pictures that have astericks by them.

Supposedly, the top right photo features the bushes into whence Lewis Carroll's Alice descended into the subterranean hole that led her on all her LSD-induced adventures. I guess Carroll lived in Brighton. As for the architecture of the buildings, it's called Regency Period and is named after Prince Regent George who visited Brighton often. Who knew?

Without further ado, then, I give you the postcard from Brighton.

Thanks, H! Most enjoyable and new things learned today. Always a good thing!

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