Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Getting to Know You... Er... Me....

I'll admit: I'm shamelessly unoriginal. I saw this over on Ms. Understood's blog and just had to do it. (By the way--I took her test and scored a 50%, which wasn't bad, I thought. Especially when you consider I've never even met her and all I know about her I've learned from reading her blog.)

So, here you go. Let's see how well you know me.

Create Your Own Friend Test Here.


Di said...

Hmph. I am very annoyed because I missed really STUPID questions that I should have gotten right. And SOME of them, ahem, are trick questions, missy! What did you major in? Well, you did too do religious studies, and it's not at all clear in the question whether it's meant to refer to undergrad or grad school. Hmph, again I say.

Actually, I just hate that JA kicked my ass as usual. Sigh.

Now I'm gonna steal your idea and do a test of my own.

Gunfighter said...

(Channeling flava Flav!)

Yeaaaaaah bo-weeeeeeeeee! Look at me, movin' up in the stats!

Mary Ellen said...

I got your eye color wrong. I could have cheated and looked at the wedding picture of the Scary Feminists, but I was too lazy to walk over to it.


Kimberly said...

I did good! I even got your eye color right? How could your best friend get that one wrong?