Friday, July 27, 2007

In the BIN: Honorable Mentions

There are so many great posts out there, I thought I'd do another addition of In the BIN. This one will require Kleenex for a different reason entirely. Why? Because you'll start off with some giggling, then find yourself flat out ROTFLYAO. In the end, though, you'll wax nostalgic.

I start with my friend, Holly, who just acquired a new piece of technology and coins two lines that have her readers laughing at her wit and whimsy. Here is Okay, This One is a Toy.

Meanwhile, over at Alice's Adventures Underground, fellow blogger NG continues to chronicle her daughter's 'inappropriate songs.' This is Vol. 16. They're all worth reading, if you want to go back through the archives and read the first 15 volumes. Love these. Love the Dormouse! Go, Dormouse, go!

Continuing on with the humor, my friend, Merujo writes about an intimate encounter with a squirrel that involves her dinner. Trust me when I tell you, stuff like this only happens to Merujo and she doesn't make it up. (You couldn't.) Here is Awake. (And stay tuned because down the road, this piece will no doubt feature in a radio commentary on WAMU. Can't wait!)

And finally, I saved the very, very best for last from my friend, Sister Mary Lisa. At least, I think it is anyway. I'm just going to let it speak for itself. Here is Just for Today.

Happy Friday, friends!


Cele said...

Oh mi gawd Squirrel attach, too funny. must breathe.

Cele said...

I almost thought I could write a similar story today, but it was about a gray digger that I was certain was going to attach me as I waited for my onion rings at Dairy Queen. I sincerely thought about rolling up my window, while laughing at myself.

MB said...

Doormouse is hilarious. Love the songs!

Sister Mary Lisa said...

What a sweetheart for adding my blog post to this In the BIN entry! Thanks for sharing the other ones too!