Wednesday, July 18, 2007

In the BIN: The Tissue Issue

Thought I'd revive In the BIN again. Take a survey of what's out there. See what's percolating and bubbling to the top in all it's excellence.

This post, about a vasectomy, is by far the funniest thing I've read in ages. My favorite line: "It felt like a toothache in my pants." Here is Somewhere in the Masthead. Look for the entry titled In Which I Have Bagged My Limit (and vice versa...) dated July 15, 2007. Priceless. Truly priceless. (And a shout out to my friend, Merujo, who turned me on to this outstanding blog.)

My buddy, the Gunfighter, just started a second blog called Real Dads about and by fathers. It's an excellent blog and I hope he sees more folks stepping up and participating in his venture. I want to highlight this entry he recently wrote as a note to his daughter. If this one doesn't make you cry, you have no heart! I've met the Gunfighter and have had him and his wife and daughter in my home for dinner. There isn't a nicer family out there and Gunny is doing a great job as a dad. So, go get your Kleenex and read Through the Upstairs Window.

Thanks to my friend, JaneAnne, at Fugue Salad, I just stumbled onto a blog by someone I met briefly during my grad school days. Jana Reiss is a scholar, writer, and editor. She recently wrote about her dog, Halilah. Again, grab the Kleenex. (I swear, there isn't a theme here. I promise!)

And, finally, over in the stacks, Liz writes wittily, but seriously, of course, about a stuck bird. All of her writing is excellent, I think. Especially the bits where she shares conversations. Here's a perfect example. Read Oh My GOD.

Enjoy and happy Wednesday! We're half way to the weekend. Yeah!


Liz said...

Thanks, Janet.:)

Magazine Man said...

Thanks for the shout-out. Always glad when my misery can amuse others (makes it easier to bear somehow, you know?) Come back soon--you're always welcome at my place!

Anonymous said...

Admitting that my vote for Favorite Blog Among Those You Provided is biased by having only read one of them,

I vote for:

Gunfighter! I love his writing, and I'm touched by his parental...ness.

- Phoebe

Janet M Kincaid said...

Liz: You're welcome!

Magazine Man: My pleasure. And thanks for the welcome. I thoroughly enjoy your blog.

Phoebe: Gunfighter is one of my most favoritest writers, too! And he's pretty great at the dad thing, too!