Monday, November 21, 2005

Vacation, Or Getting a Jump Start on the New Year's Resolutions

I'm off on vacation this week and it's already been a fun start. I had my annual physical this morning. Found out I need to lose 36 pounds. Plus, I have to see an opthalmologist to find out why my head aches more often, a radiologist for an upper GI, and a dermatologist to map my moles. Other than that, I'm in perfect health. Or, at least I am until my internist calls me and tells me what my cholesterol is, or my opthamologist says it isn't my eyes that are the cause of my head aches, or the radiologist says there's something to be said for my gastric systems, or my dermatologist highlights the finer points of my mole map.

I'm not a hyperchondriac, though. I mean, heck, anything could go wrong. But for now, I'm healthy, a little overweight, and lazy. So, here's my resolution for 2006: eat better, exercise more, go to bed on time, and get up earlier.

Here's to a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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