Friday, March 17, 2006

Lane Twitchell’s Black Apron Exclusive Packaging

For those of you who are Starbucks junkies, the ‘Buck has a series of exclusive blend coffees they call “Black Apron.” This year’s featured artist for Black Apron’s packaging is none other than Lane Twitchell—faithful sidekick of my friend and fellow blogger, Adriana Velez.

Yesterday, whilst at my local Starbucks to snag a gift card for my Spanish translator, I noticed Lane’s famed packaging and forked over thirteen smackers for coffee I’ll never drink just to be in possession of a piece of Lane Twitchell art. (The coffee went to my colleague Richard without even a backward glance.) Unless I win the lottery, I’m a long, long, long way off from ever owning a piece of Lane’s artistic brilliance, so this is my one little piece of Twitchell heaven.

If you haven’t seen Lane’s art, it’s a must. The things he can do with paper are just astonishing! If you’re ever up in New York City, be sure to visit Greenberg Van Doren galleries to see his work. It is truly one-of-a-kind.

And his packaging for Starbucks is one very tiny example of that uniqueness.

I’m looking forward to May 16, when the 'Buck releases the third in the series. And if anyone out there has the first one—it came out in early January—let me know. I’m willing to buy it off of you.

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