Monday, May 22, 2006

Pictures from Utah & Wyoming

Here are some pics from the Utah-Wyoming trip. To see larger images, just click on each picture.

Approach to Green River from I-80 Eastbound. In the far distance in the dead center of the picture is Castle Rock. My grandparents home for 60 years was right below that, just a half block south and west.

My grandparents' home for 60 years--741 North 5th West. Sixty years ago, my grandfather paid the unheard-of-price of $13,000 for this home, which was three times what it cost for homes at that time.

The Webb Family (left to right: Johnny, Grandma Thelma, Bobby, Eddie, Deann, and Joe.) Although we aren't directly related to them, the Webbs and the Bangerters are family to each other. My mother and her sisters consider the Webbs their brothers and sister and they feel the same about the Bangerter girls. They're good, salt-of-the-earth people. Eddie was the one who presented the colors from my grandfather's casket to my grandparents' oldest daughter, ElDee.

The Disabled Veterans of America provided the military honors for Grandpa's funeral. One of the guys was wearing an oxygen mask. We worried that some of these guys would keel over, but they stood strong and performed all the honors, including a 21-gun salute and flag folding. My aunt Hazel and her son, John, played echoing Taps after the gun salute. The little guy with the oxygen delivered a little PSA-like speech to my aunt ElDee. We kept expecting him to give her a phone number to call if we had any questions about the ceremony!

Grandpa's funeral was on a Friday. On Saturday, we all got together at Gardner Village in south Salt Lake for a family reunion. My cousin's John and Arlene put the event together and did a great job. We watched old family videos and heard brief reports on each family and their doings. The rest of these photos are of family.

The James+ and ElDee (Bangerter) Norton Clan, Germany. My aunt ElDee has six children: Elizabeth (NJ), Daniel (PA), Janell (AZ), Alan (AZ), William (AZ), and Caroline (Germany) and 13 grandchildren. [Not pictured: Janell and her daughter, Jessica.]

The Dennis and Suezan (Bangerter) Rimmasch Family, Laramie, Wyoming. My aunts Suzie and Hazel married brothers. The Laramie Rimmasch's have five children--Peter (AZ), Karl (WA), Katherine (UT), Marianne (WY), and Gretchen (UT.) [Not pictured: Uncle Dennis, Kathy, and Gretchen.] Peter's wife: Mrs. Marianne and their daughter, Kellie. Karl's wife: Nicki and their kids, Rieken, Kelten, and Kippriana.

The Ross and Janell (Bangerter) Kincaid Family, Fairfax, VA. I forgot to get separate pictures of my famn damily! But, here's a pic of us with my cousin, Peter Rimmasch and his wife, Marianne and their daughter, Kellie. From left to right: my mother, Janell (Bangerter) Kincaid, Mrs. Marianne, me (DC), Kellie, Peter, my sister, Janeen (VA) and my brother, Phillip (VA.) (My siblings and I wore customized shirts that said "George Mason University, 2006 NCAA Final Four." We all graduated from GMU and are quite proud of the fact that our alma mater made it to the Final Four this year!) [Not pictured: my dad, Ross Kincaid.]

The Dwight & Hazel (Bangerter) Rimmasch Family, Murray, Utah. Their son, John Rimmasch (WY) and his wife, BeckyLyn and their sons, Ryland and Wesley. Their daughter, Arlene (Rimmasch) Cook (UT) and her husband, DeVon Cook and their daughters Abby Jane and Katie Ann.

That's all of Grandpa Bang's mugwumps. We had a great time seeing everyone and catching up.


ticklethepear said...

Nice photos! I'm glad the trip went well.

So is everything OK with the rest of your immediate family?

Miss Understood said...

Isn't it a shame that families only tend to get together for weddings and funerals?

I'm glad it all went well for you and your family.