Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Barry Endorses Fenty

The Washington Post is reporting today that former D.C. mayor and cocaine habitue, Marion Barry, has endorsed mayoral candidate Adrian Fenty.

Fenty seems like a nice guy. He's young. Enthusiastic. Seems to have a few good ideas about where to lead the city in its continued efforts to improve the city and grow economically. His appeal to voters will be largely based on his youthfulness and enthusiasm, though. His record on the city council is mixed and his reputation prior to joining the council isn't 100% unassailable.

I've given Fenty some consideration and am still torn between him and a couple of other candidates. However, with Barry's endorsement of Fenty, my decision is made: I won't be voting for Adrian Fenty in next week's primary or in the general election in November.

An endorsement from Barry is bad all around. This is the man who "led" D.C. during the height of the crack epidemic that overtook D.C. streets and neighborhoods in the 1980s and 1990s. The result: D.C. became the murder capital of the nation as dealers and druggies fought gangland-style for territory and a fix. This is the man who was caught snorting coke in a hotel and sentenced to prison. This is a man who is currently on probation for dipping back into the white stuff.

Mr. Fenty, with a friend like that, who needs enemies? I suggest you find someone else to endorse you. You should run as fast and as far away from Marion Barry as you can. And don't look back.

In the meantime, you just lost my vote.


heatherdent said...

Hey, I hear ya... Barry's endorsement of Fenty is BAD NEWS.

But check this out - This is hilarious!

“Say no to drugs.” That has been a mantra of politicians since Nancy Reagan told kids to Just say no. Mayoral candidate Adrian Fenty is apparently ignoring that message. A political television ad streamed on his campaign website indicate that Mr. Fenty may be hiding a marijuana habit. This would certainly be ironic, given that Councilmember Fenty serves in a city that has been trying to fix its drug problem.

It is not the ad about Fenty answering his Blackberry that exposes him. The gotcha is the name of the TV ad – Fenty 420. This is a common codeword for pot. The reference to 420 has to be intentional. Fenty must know what 420 means. Is this his way of sending smoke signals? Or maybe his version of Morse Code asking for help.

Fenty’s next post should be a 12 step program, not the Mayor’s office.

And the proof:

Kimberly said...

Very nice Janet. I absolutely agree!