Friday, September 08, 2006


So, word on the street and in the blogosphere is that BetaBlogger (or BloggerBeta) sucks and everyone who has switched is a) regretting it, b) warning the rest of us who haven't switched to stay right where we are, and c) waiting for the folks at Google to, as Ms. Understood put it, "get their thumbs out of their bums" and fix what ails Blogger at the moment.

I wish Google would hurry up, too. I'm tired of not being able to submit comments to my favorite bloggers. Five times now, I've had my comments rejected. Harumph. And piffle.

There. That's all I have to say about that.


Adriana Velez said...

Thanks for the warning.

What's going on with google and commenting? I've been able to comment on most blogger blogs except one, which I took personally, naturally.

Richard said...

It's a bad idea to use the beta versions of any program unless you can handle system crashes, system hangs, etc.
The beta are for people that test the new software and report bugs to the developers. I beta tested AOL for a few years, what a horror show.
I made a new account on blogger to run the beta. Haven't had any problems yet.