Monday, September 25, 2006


Once again, I made the Eavesdrop DC collection of unbelievable, but true stories. Here's my story.

Note to Scott & Di and Lara: Apparently, Switzerland is in the United States. As soon as I locate it on the map, I'll let you know where you are.

UPDATE: 9/26/06--And DC Blogs picked up my anecdote at Eavesdrop DC.


Di said...

Dude, I only WISH der Schweiz was in the states! LOL...that is some funny stuff there, friend. :-)

Janet M. Kincaid said...

I know I'm getting old, because stuff like that just pisses me off. We spend billions on the war in Iraq and we cut taxes and this is what we get: citizens who can't find Switzerland on a map. Pathetic.

Sister Mary Lisa said...

J, I'm not so sure that it matters what we spend or don't seems like every time Jay Leno interviews regular schmoes on the street, they know absolutely nothing. Scary. Not that I know everything. But you know.