Friday, September 29, 2006

It's the Real Thing... Have a Coke and Smile...

Dan Froomkin, a columnist at the Washington Post who writes "White House Briefing," included this lovely tidbit in his daily round-up today:

The Morning Visit

Ted Barrett writes for CNN: "President Bush barely mentioned the war in Iraq when he met with Republican senators behind closed doors in the Capitol Thursday morning and was not asked about the course of the war, Sen. Trent Lott, R-Mississippi, said.

"'No, none of that,' Lott told reporters after the session when asked if the Iraq war was discussed. 'You're the only ones who obsess on that. We don't and the real people out in the real world don't for the most part.'"

* * * * *

I hope like hell I'm not one of "the real people out in the real world." And I'd sure as hell would like to know who these "real people" are and where this "real world" is located so I'll know to avoid it like the plague.


Adriana Velez said...

Ok, I'll be the jerk who says it: UTAHHHHHH!

I'll understand if you don't want to publish this ;)

Holly said...

If I don't obsess about the war, it's only by conscious, deliberate effort to think about something else.