Friday, October 13, 2006

Why I Need to Get a Job... NOW!

This is the comment I just left over at Sister Mary Lisa's blog and is evidence of why I need to get a job. NOW!


Sister Mary Lisa said...

All I can say is, you're so funny. I wish you could get a job here, then you could make me laugh in person every day!


Janet M. Kincaid said...

Hey, I'm not proud. I'm willing to move to Montana. I've heard it's beautiful up there. And I've lived in Utah and spent time in Wyoming, so I can do winter. Where do I sign up?

Sister Mary Lisa said...

Well, my office is totally full with as much woman as it can handle (me!) but there are any number of jobs here I think. I will warn you, the wage here is sadly way lower than other parts of the country. McDonalds and other fast food chains have just recently reached the point where they are forced to announce on their boards outside that they will hire anyone for $7 starting wage, with benefits. Wow. Gas prices are at the 2.59 range today I believe. We have no sales tax, but nice and hefty property and income taxes.

The sky though...oh, the sky. And the mountains that only come second to the Alps in Austria. Need I say more??

Adriana Velez said...

Oh, I hear you. But the upside is how many wonderful people I've met through blogging and how much easier it is to keep up with my friends' lives!