Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Day 15: Grammar Going to Pot

My grammar is going to hell in a hand basket.

Yesterday, a fellow blogger wrote about how the Marine Corps' Toys for Tots Foundation has refused to accept 4,000 talking Jesus dolls (something I agree with, by the way.) I wrote this comment: "Toys for Tots is about the kids. Not about politics or religion affiliation." (And that's just one example of my bad grammar of late. There are more. Many more.)

Religion affiliation? RELIGION affiliation?


RELIGIOUS affiliation, dummkopf.

And speaking of religion, next week is the annual meeting of the American Academy of Religion. They're holding their convention here in D.C. this year. I may just dust off my Master's Degree in Religion and Society and head over to the convention center. I'd like to find out what possibilities exist for the application of my degree in the secular world.

I hear that spirituality and environmentalism are becoming the next big thing in denominations and religious life. I could get behind that, especially since I believe people, in general, and people of faith, in particular, should be better stewards of the earth and its resources.


Sister Mary Lisa said...

I wonder if there's a job opportunity in that organization.

And no, She Who Spells Onomatopoeia And Uses It Correctly could not be a dummkopf.


Janet M. Kincaid said...

I had to look up onomatopoeia, because originally I spelled it otomatopia. WAY off, obviously. Still, at least I know how to use a dictionary and the spell check feature.

By the way--SML: you seem to be the knowledge queen when it comes to imbedding URLs into comments. Would you mind imparting the wisdom? Thanks!

Mary Ellen said...

You should TOTALLY go to AAR!

You should be able to get a program (more like a book, really) and find out when the religion/environment sessions are.

I always enjoyed the religion and film sessions myself.