Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Day 28 (Part 2): Peace: It's No Longer P.C.

Have you heard the story about the couple in Colorado who hung a wreath on their home fashioned as a peace symbol? If not, read here. Seems folks in their neighborhood thought it was anti-Bush/anti-Iraq. As a result, the homeowners' association was going to fine the offenders $25/day until they took it down. Fortunately, someone will all their holiday bulbs burning brightly thought better of that and dropped the request and the fine.

Nevertheless, WTF?!

Hm. Let's see. Peace. That thing we all hope for in our lives. That thing the Bush Administration promised the Iraqi people via its preemptive war. That thing we celebrate at this time of year.

Oh, yes, and speaking of this time of year... That other little non-P.C. thing that happens in December. Christmas. Right. Let's see. Celebration of the birth of Christ who is often referred to as the Prince of Peace. Hm. Yeah. Interesting.

Okay, Jesus aside and that Christmas thing aside, we're still talking about peace here. What's anti-Iraq about that? If anyone would know something about wanting peace, it would definitely be the folks in Iraq.

Somewhere in Colorado, someone needs their butt kicked up around their ears with a sharp boot.



Sister Mary Lisa said...

I agree. Interesting. I'm guessing the homeowner's assocation was looking for a reason to give this particulary couple grief and picked that. Shaking my head.

Sideon said...

Methinks Colorado is getting a worse reputation than Utah.

Must be something in that crystal clear water that makes wackos propogate.

Merujo said...

Have you seen that, likely embarrassed by all the bad press, the homeowners association has backed down *and* apologized.

I love the fact that strangers from all over offered to pay any fines the couple would have faced.

Satanic symbol?!? Good lord.

Janet M. Kincaid said...

Merujo: I did. That would be the person with the full string of holiday bulbs burning brightly. Honestly, though, what's happened to this country? A peace symbol is anti-Iraq? Calgon, take me awayyyyyyy...