Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Day 29: Résumé Queen

Still unemployed.

But.... I'm becoming the Résumé Queen.

A few nights ago, a friend (I won't say who, on the off chance her web usage is being tracked at her workplace) who is looking for a new job, came over and I helped her with her "I'm Wonderful! Hire Me!" document. In the midst of working together, my friend, Rio Grande Valley Girl, called and asked for similar assistance.

I just finished helping my dad with his résumé.

And, I'm revising mine.

I wonder if I should do this for a living and forget finding a 9-to-5, in-an-office-with-benefits job?


It's enjoyable, but I think I really need to get something more permanent and stable.

Still, if you have a résumé you want to beef up or if you have a résumé sample you think is the absolute BOMB, please share.

Here are two formats I use.

The first is very traditional. (Both résumés have been redacted as a privacy measure.)

The second is a bit edgier and interesting.

Of course, if I keep this up, I may have to develop a fee structure...

(Please note: I'm trying to figure out how to embed an Adobe PDF file into this blog entry so you can actually see all of the pages of the résumés. The second one is a great format that includes a list of selected accomplishments, then a list of the person's professional experience. As soon as I can get this figured out, I'll fix this posting.)

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