Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Day 12: Postcards, With Emphasis on the "S"

Received two postcards... count 'em... TWO postcards in yesterday's mail. One from a good friend, fellow blogger, and distant relative. The other from a new blogger I found through another blogger friend. (That's too many bloggers going on there....)

The first comes from my friend, Holly, up in the Keystone State. Holly even included her return address, which means I've got to send a postcard back her way.

Here's Holly's card. It's one she bought 20 years ago when she was living in Taiwan which, she says, is why the corners are a little crumpled. I like it. It's got character. Holly: do you know what it says in Cantonese along the side?

The second card is from Freckle Face Girl down in the Sunshine State. No return address on hers, so I can't reciprocate.

Here's Freckle's Florida card.

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Holly said...

Wow, how did I miss this post? I read the ones just after it several times. You must just have been too prolific--three substantial posts in one day was too much for me to process, and I felt guilty and went into denial.

Anyway, I don't read nearly enough characters to guess at what it says along the side of the postcard.