Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Day 12 (Part 2): The Blind Leading the Stupid...

...or maybe that's the other way around.

My brother sent me this story about a bill in the Texas legislature that will make it legal for blind people to hunt. From the BBC World Service, here is New Bill for Blind Texas Hunters.

This is so wrong on so many levels, don't you think?

The gist is, the blind hunter may use a gun with a laser--which is currently illegal--and has to be accompanied by a seeing hunter. Seeing eye dogs don't count as chaperons.

And speaking of illegal, what's the difference between illegal and unlawful? The first is a sick bird and the second is against the law.

Getting back to blind hunters, is it legal for them to shoot from a hunting blind? No... I suppose not, huh? That would undoubtedly handicap them for sure.

Makes me wonder... Is it possible His Royal Highness the Dick shot his friend in the face because he's actually blind and he failed to take a seeing eye friend with him, hence he failed to sight his friend properly?

Hm.... One wonders.


Mary Ellen said...

Of all the dumbass things. No wonder the country is in the crapper. Look away from the poverty, ballooning deficits, the war, and the body count!

But let's make sure blind people can have the experience of killing for sport. Now there's a pressing need. What's next, training blind snipers for Iraq?

Sister Mary Lisa said...

How did I MISS this post?? Hilariously scary.

Sister Mary Lisa said...

Also, I wonder if guns are even louder to blind hunters, since their other senses supposedly are sharper to compensate for lack of sight. Just wondering.