Saturday, December 02, 2006

Day 2: Coolest Website EVER

Something fun for your Saturday morning. Check out this website. It allows you to pretend you're Jackson Pollack.

Here's how the site looks when you first load it:

Move your mouse over the white space and you'll notice splotches and dribbles and paint everywhere.

Click your mouse and the paint color will change.

How cool is that?!

By the way--the disclaimer/text in the lower right corner only appears when you hit "Shift+Ctrl" and try to take a screen shot.

1 comment:

Sister Mary Lisa said...

That's fun. I've only ever tried it for real on canvas, which to me is even more fun. (I almost said funner. Is that even a word??)

Happy weekend!! And speaking of doing artwork has made me realize I need to get OFF the computer now and draw....