Friday, December 01, 2006

Day 1 (Part 3): No Comment

Okay, I'm giving up on leaving comments on my favorite blogs and any new blogs I visit, because it seems 9 times out of 10 I make glaring grammar errors and I fail to catch them before I hit "Login and Publish."

For example, yesterday, I told Rio Grande Valley Girl, she should expect me at "your house of lunch today." I suppose improper use of a preposition isn't the worst thing. I mean, maybe RGVG is opening a restaurant called House of Lunch. Still...

And on Sister Mary Lisa's blog, I left a comment about being a blogaholic. I wrote, "Hi, my Janet and I'm a blogaholic..." It was only after I hit send that I noticed l'd left out the ever so important "name is." Had to go back and delete and resubmit that comment.

Then, this morning, I'm over at Big Sky Girl (formerly Beauty and the Beltway) and I left a comment about people who choose not to wear underwear. I said, regarding the easy, breezy underwear-less, "I suppose I can see not wearing undies when you're pants, but when you're wearing a skirt?!?"


Wearing! Wearing. When you're wearing pants.


Of course, I guess if I was a pair of pants, I wouldn't want to wear underwear either. I mean, how silly would that look? Nice pair of pants with a pair of undies on the outside? Not exactly the best superhero look, now is it?

I think I'm imposing a moratorium on comments. Otherwise, I'm going to have to hire a proofreader.


Sister Mary Lisa said...

Janet, it's OK. You know we all do it. I just usually don't catch mine..

Sideon said...


Janet, you're hysterical!

What I've been doing is write in notepad or Word then spellcheck, then cut/paste into Blogger (which eats comments all too often).

Bishop Rick said...


Please let me myself.
I love you blog.
Please my blog. Your insight is more than there.

Breezing through said...


I was at the library while reading this and almost burst out laughing. I so do this! Thanks for sharing your blunders and, since we all do it, keep commenting!