Monday, January 15, 2007

Product Development

Remember that blog I wrote last year about Jesus being a stinker? Well, the laughs just keep on comin'. My sister called the other night and, it's safe to say, neither of us is getting into heaven any time soon! Somehow, until the other night, she'd missed the full extent of my previous blog. As a result, we had a brainstorm on products that would follow the release of the "Aroma of Jesus Christ" line.

In addition to perfumes and colognes, there would have to be an aromatherapy spa package, because what good is having an aroma if you can't go to the spa and enjoy it? The ad copy would probably read something like, "Feeling like Lazarus? Tired of all that fishing? Need to feel resurrected? You need a day at the Galilee Spa of Miracles...."

And speaking of fishing, if Jesus had a sandwich named after Him, it would be called the "Fishers of Men Hoagie" and would be a fish sandwich served on a loaf. No condiments or veggies or breading, just cod on a bun. You can get a salad with that, but don't order the Caeser.

Here are a few questions we're still teasing out: would Jesus drive a Hummer or a Prius? Would He shop at Balducci's or the Takoma Park/Silver Spring Co-op? Would He recycle? Would He wear organic cotton or Indian silk? (I'm starting to feel a Ray Steven's song coming on... "Would Jesus Wear a Rolex on His Television Show?")

These and other questions are keeping me up nights...

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