Thursday, January 18, 2007


Looking at my Blogger post list today and noticing I still have a number of entries in "Draft" form. A few of those are really marked "Draft" for archival purposes. Like the stuff I wrote about my grandfather when he passed away last spring, or some of the things I wrote about WFB.

Then there are things I just haven't finished. For example:

Quips: In which I poke fun at a family member for their misuse of the word. Instead of sharing a quick, witty remark, they read volumes of bad poetry that leave you scratching your head and asking yourself, "WTF?!"

Taking a Page from the Amish: In which I write about how much I admired the character of forgiveness that underscored how the Amish in Lancaster County, PA, dealt with last year's school shootings in their private, religious community and how we could all take a page from that book.

Google, Thy Name is Microsoft: In which I compare Google to Microsoft. Depending on how you feel about either, that could be a positive or negative.

Spoonerism Special: In which I was going to write an entire blog using nothing but spoonerisms in an attempt to top my previous piece de resistance, Alliteration. So far, I haven't progressed much on that one.

Big Love: In which I was going to write a long piece reviewing the HBO series Big Love. Also haven't moved very far on that piece either.

Clique-ing with Your Community: In which I was going to write about the differences and similarities between cliques and communities as part of my response to a recent debate over on DC Blogs Noted regarding what gets noted and what doesn't.

Cult or Not?: In which I write about and define what constitutes a cult in an effort to inform folks about not getting caught up in soundbites about Mormons as Mitt Romney runs for president. I archived it because it sounded too much like I was endorsing Mitt and I'm not, nor will I be.

In Which Pooh Bear Becomes a Taoist: Wherein I write a review about the Tao of Pooh. Still working on this one, especially since the book didn't really resonate with me like I had hoped it would. May have to re-read the book before I write this one.

I think that's it. I'll get around to some of these one day. I'm absolutely determined to do the spoonerism one, because I think it could be hilarious. Unfortunately, I'm not sure I have enough funny bone or writing cache to be able to pull it off...

Illustration copyright: Charles M. Schulz.


B said...

this is a good idea!

i have a ton of drafts too. Guess I should just post them as they are too.

Seriously, good idea. Thanks

JMK said...

B: You've probably got some great stuff in your drafts. At least, that's what I discover in mine. When I write them initially, I think they suck. Then I re-read them days or weeks later and go, "Hey, that ain't so bad." Look forward to seeing what you post.