Wednesday, January 17, 2007

My House Has More Postcards Than Your House!

Received another postcard today. This one came all the way from California via Sideon, who apparently returned recently from a whirlwind road trip through Utah and Nevada. Thanks, Sideon!

This brings to 13 the number of postcards I now have hanging on the office door. Hey, I have enough for a quorum, plus one! Keep 'em coming folks! And for those who have sent cards and included return addresses, I'm still trying to find cards worthy of each of you. Keep an eye out. Cards are headed your way.


Sideon said...

Woo hoo! It made it!

**insert picture of Donavan doing a happy dance, here**

Sister Mary Lisa said...

Nice postcard, Sid. :) I STILL haven't found my stash of blank ones.

janeannechovy said...

But it's waTTle, not waddle. Silly moose.

JMK said...

Sideon: Doin' the happy dance here, too! Thanks again!

SML: It is a nice postcard, isn't it?

JA: Well, what do you expect for a postcard from Utah?