Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I Heart My MacBook

This is my new friend:

My new friend has software called Photo Booth. Photo Booth lets me do this:

See Janet's hair get big. Big hair, Janet, big hair.

And this:

No! Janet, no!

If my face was absolutely symmetrical, this is what I would look like:

Time to go to the gym, Janet! Run, Janet, run!

But, this is what I really look like. On a good day, anyway.


Zanne said...

OK that almost made me spit out my water! What a fun program! :D

Sister Mary Lisa said...

Damn, but you're funny. I love the pics.

Miss Understood said...

I want one!

JMK said...

Zanne: Oh dear! I hope nothing was snorted out of the nose, 'cause that's painful and takes all of the fun out things. And yes, PhotoBooth is a fun program!

SML: Thank you. Thank you very much!

Ms. U: http://www.apple.com/macbook/. There are several retail locations in the UK. Don't know how far you are from London, but here's just one location, for example: http://www.apple.com/uk/retail/regentstreet/week/20070114.html. There are stores in Birmingham, Kent, Manchester, and Sheffield as well. Or, you can just order online.

Mary Ellen said...

Oh, the bucksnorting this inspired! You slay me, JMK.

JMK said...

ME: Always glad to enable a good bucksnort! That's what I'm here for!