Sunday, January 21, 2007


It's Sunday, which means it's PostSecret day. Some people read the comics first from the Sunday paper. Others reach for the sports section or the obituaries. The first thing I do on Sunday mornings, when I fire up the computer, is click on PostSecret. This week, as always, there are postcards that are funny and shocking and sad and bizarre. Then there are the ones that are informative.

Below this what-appears-to-be-odd admission is an email Frank Warren received, I'm assuming today, about this compulsion, known as "Body Integrity Identity Disorder." Here's a screen shot of the email.

Here's the link to the ABC news piece that it mentions. I have to say, it's a fascinating read.

After reading this PostSecret and the news article, it certainly makes you wonder about the mind, the spirit, the body, and the connections and disconnections between them. It also reconfirms for me that there are many things about the mind, spirit, body, and their connections that we don't fully understand and, more importantly, that we ought not to legislate. Legislation is the final bastion and purview of tiny, reactionary, frightened minds.

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