Sunday, January 21, 2007

Get Serious

One of the most common questions I get from folks about my blog is, "what's it about?" In other words, does it have a specific focus or theme? I've just been looking over the range of topics I've written about in the last few weeks. They include:

Books, Employment/Job Searching, Religion and Society, Cooking, Education, Blogging, some Jokes, and a few bits on things that amuse me--like building your own M&M, the coolness of PhotoBooth, or being Jackson Pollock.

Bottom line: There is no theme. Or, as my friend Holly put it a while back, my blog is "not so easily classified."

I've thought about having a theme, though.

This blog originally started as a format for ranting about all the things I hate about D.C., but that got old and whiny really fast. Besides, why.i.hate.dc is doing a pretty good job of that. I thought about being a cooking blog, but I cook so infrequently and my friend, Adriana, is the resident cooking blog in these parts. Her writing often leaves me smacking my lips.

I thought about focusing on politics, but the fact is, that's all this town talks about and I didn't want to be one more blah- blah- blahog talking shop. I get enough of that at dinner parties and in the Washington Post. Besides, I can't compete with Wonkette (nor do I want to.)

For a short while, I started a new blog called Traffic Watch DC, where I posted the license plates of rude, dangerous, arrogant drivers on DC's roads. That lasted about a month or so and then I realized, everyone in DC is a shitty driver--myself included--and I gave up on that.

I've thought about utilizing my educational background and writing a religious studies blog, but that requires a lot of research and fact checking and would result in really long blog entries that take days, even weeks, to write. And who's interested in that stuff anyway? We've already got enough religious rhetoric being shoved down our throats, thanks to politicians and pundits. (Although, I have an idea on the back burner that may still see the light of day. Depends on where I land a job.)

Bottom line, I write about things that 'tickle me fancy,' as my ancestors would say. Mostly, though, I write because I enjoy it.

I guess you could say that's my theme.

Photo copyright: Infinite Zoom.


Kimberly said...

Well I like what you write about...anything and everything...that's better than a theme. I just wish I could write something worthwhile.

Gunfighter said...

We have a similar theme, Janet.

JMK said...

I've decided I like my themeless theme. I'd like to think it means I'm well-rounded. Or something.

Zanne said...

Your tickled fancy works for me! Write on! :D